Khan's Fire Mongolian Grill
Restaurant @ WinStar World Casino
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Let me start off with what was done right. I asked for extra onion, extra garlic, extra cabbage. The people preparing my bowl did everything I asked. I asked them if I could have more than 1 cup of sauce and they added another. I asked for the extra sauce because it looked watery and I thought my food might come out bland. So here's what was done poorly. The sauce was watery and had little flavor. My plate came out with noodles floating in the sauce. Most places cook the sauce until most the water content is gone. My box came out with a pool of liquid. The steak on my meal was pre-seasoned with steak seasoning. It tasted like it belonged on a plate with some mashed potatoes, not anything like Mongolian BBQ. I added Siracha to my meal for spiciness as the "fire sauce" that had a pepper next to it didn't really add any heat or flavor to the meal. The bowls were priced at $12 and $14 which is high for single serving Mongolian. The serving size was ok for a small meal. I ended up eating pizza 2 hours later to fill up. Overall I wasn't impressed or even satisfied with the meal as a whole. I had wondered about the people who were ordering burgers at a Mongolian BBQ, maybe they knew the $6 burger was the better meal. Price: 4/10 Serving Size: 6/10 Flavor: 3/10 Service: 7/10