Pool Grill Pool Grill
Restaurant @ Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino
I ordered the barbecue chicken and it appeared to be oven roasted (not barbecued) and then thickly smothered with overly-sweet “barbecue” sauce (sure, let’s call it “barbecue sauce”, but it was more like a chutney). The chicken had the consistency of boiled chicken which is not appetizing. The meat should have a smokey flavor, but this didn’t. I am not sure that they understand what barbecue is. The sides were bland. The cooks obviously have no understanding of how to use salt and spices because neither the potato salad nor the cole slaw had any flavor. The “BBQ” beans were cold. While they did give me a full refund, they didn’t seem to really care; no manager came by to ask what the problem was or to say “sorry, can I get you something else.” Highly disappointing. Don’t waste your money.