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Restaurant @ WinStar World Casino
"Chastin J. Miles"
Visited this restaurant the other day. Saw they had a new menu so I wanted to try it out. On their new menu they have sliders 3 for $9. It says on the menu that you can choose any 3 of them. I decided to order 3 of the 4 they featured. When we went to order, I was told by the waiter that I could only get 1 choice. I told him that it says I can choose 3 on the menu. He proceeded to tell me that since it was a busy night, the cooks were tired and they didn't want to open the ingredients and waste time. I was shocked. Not to mention, it took a good 45 minutes to get our appetizer. I wouldn't recommend anyone eat here unless you have lots of time and the cooks aren't too busy. I just really didn't feel valued here at all.