Ocean Trail
Restaurant @ Talking Stick Resort
A small restaurant yet POWERFUL! Though open to the main floor, it was tucked into an area that created a cozy and intimate dining atmosphere. There was a small line, a steady table turn over, yet no one appeared to feel rushed. The small staff were all very pleasant, and seemed to appear then disappear, serving every dish at a comfortable pace, as tables were cleared and set, quite magically. The chef was an artist! She combined fresh ingredients, herbs and liquids into an individual portion sized woc. There was a row of them, nestled between she and we, mesmerizing all who watched her create their dish. My guest and I were seated at the horse shoe shaped bar, where we were able to watch meals beautifully prepared before us. We shared the Crab Cocktail, which was nearly all lump meat! VERY RARE!! After a shared satiated pause, we dove into our main course. She had the New England Clam Chowder, while I ordered the Seafood Corn Chowder. WOW! Portion sizes were LARGE, yet do-able. Each dish was quite meaty, a seafood lovers dream. Mine had a bountiful variety of chunky seafood,, while my guest's seemed to overflow with shrimp! There was SO MUCH, that we each took home a doggie bag! The price for our evening meal was so unexpectedly reasonable, I left a large tip! We are looking forward to returning the Ocean Trail very soon!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND OCEAN TRAIL to ANYONE!!