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"Bill Collins"
I'm in fairgrounds casino 2 to 5 times a week the 7 months in West Seneca ..And I spend a lot of money there. I have gone from the Elite level to the Platinum level,and now i am on the Silver level. GUESS WHY? I have the audacity to spend my winters in Florida. Most people don't realize Fairgrounds Casino penalizes you because your not able to spend your money there every month of the year !! I DOUBT THAT THEY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS EITHER!!! m My player's card #is 20080677 and I'll bet I won't get a follow-up call for this post. I HAVE NEVER HAD I MANGER CALL BACK AFTER I WAS TOLD I WOULD GET A FOLLOW-UP CALL. I will now spend my money at the Seneca Casinos. WHO APPRECIATE THERE PATRONS. Bill Collins