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May 11 '18 at 5:24

Tyler Boshard

Tyler Boshard
This is my favorite place to stay in Vegas. Over the years I've stayed at pretty much every hotel worth staying at and the SLS is my favorite. It's cheaper than any other place in it's class, away from the chaos, but easy to get into it if you want. Free parking is great, but the best part about this place is the food. Bazaar meat is easily the best restaurant on the strip, and best steakhouse in the USA. Cleo, perk, the pizza place and the sushi place are all great. The styling and decor is awesome, not everyone's taste, but I love it. Sayers club and the foundry are awesome venues as well. The only downside to this place besides the resort fees is that it seems to have some management/ownership issues and it makes me worry they could close up suddenly.