Sage Sage
Restaurant @ Aria Resort & Casino
"Ari Eberlin"
I loved this restaurant experience. I found the atmosphere and ambiance to be dreamy; accented with purple-blue lights along the walls, it is modern, elegant, intimate and chic. The service was excellent. There were several attendants throughout our dining experience for what seemed like each course we were served; however, our main server was James (excellent). Everyone was courteous and attentive and eager to please. As one example, there was a particular cherry in a cocktail that I liked---a brandied cherry---so two servers brought me some more on a plate! Yay! The house cocktail (I don't recall the name) is tasty, but you won't find it on the menu, you simply need to request the house cocktail. I loved, and I mean, "ordered-it-TWICE-loved," the pink cashmere cocktail. It looks and sounds like a girly cocktail and maybe it is, but it is YUMMY (yes, CAPS YUMMY). The cuisine chosen from the signature tasting menu was absolutely delicious, particularly the heirloom beet salad and the scallops, but everything ordered and served was follow for you... :-)!