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Oct 18 '17 at 22:39
Teresa G
Awful experience at the Bodega Casino. I lost my winning ticket near or in the bathroom, I realized it about a minute after I was in there; so I immediately started to look for it, I triple checked my purse, and I could not find it. Then I asked around if anyone found one. There were only a few people there, it was around noon. I asked Ken the bartender he said he hadn't found one. I did see only one person who came out of the bathroom after me, so I asked her if she found one, she said no. I said are you sure, I was just in there right before you. Ken got angry at me for asking her if she found it since she was his friend, which he stated. I was only asking her and he yelled at me to stop accusing his customers of steeling it and that I needed to leave. I wasn't accusing anyone, only asking. He became very angry and rude so quickly I was pretty shocked by it; he kicked me out of the casino, following me out and threatening to call the cops. I was pretty upset by the way I was treated for just looking for my winning ticket; who would be happy if they lost their ticket and no one would say they found it or was honest enough to turn it in! I will never go to that casino ever again!!! Ken needs some comprehension skills and some manners on how to treat the customers!