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Jan 22 '18 at 2:54

Tim Horton's

Worst Tim Hortons in the area. And don’t try to get Cold Stone there because none of the workers want to make the ice cream. Went in today and there were 7 people in line for the cold stone including myself and 1 person in drive through and no one else at the front counter. My family bought 5 ice creams and it took 25 minutes because there was only one person working the ice cream station while the other three employees were doing everything but helping the one nice worker, Crystal, to make ice creams. She actually almost fell and dropped ice cream and the other worker didn’t even ask her if she was okay or clean up the ice cream so she wouldn’t fall. Have some pride in your customer service and pay more attention on taking care of the customers that are in line and less about prepping for the future customers or you might not have any more come in. I know I won’t come there and waste my time again.