Blossom Blossom
Restaurant @ Aria Resort & Casino
"Jesse Smelser"
I'm no expert on Chinese food but I really enjoyed my meal here. The restaurant looks very elegant and the service was quite good. The waitress was very attentive. I've noticed a lot of complaints about $20 entree prices but honestly this place is cheaper than most of the restaurants at ARIA, unless you order the Peking duck or some of the lobster dishes which are quite pricey. I ordered the sausage fried rice and beef chow mein and both were quite tasty. I especially recommend the fried rice. I had a mango dessert which had pieces of grapefruit in it. I liked how it tasted. It's not the type of dessert I normally order, but I'm glad I did because it was quite light and I was stuffed from eating most of two entrees. *I wrote this review in June of 2016