Grand View Buffet
Restaurant @ Rivers Casino Pittsburgh
"Alex J"
I'd gone probably 5-10 times before deciding to write a review. Went this past Sunday for brunch with some family/a friend. The person seating us was nice, asked for a seat by the window if available and she placed us as close as she possibly could in the booth areas near the windows. As soon we sat down (within 30 seconds) we saw a table that was actually at the window that we wanted to switch to. The server had not come out to greet or address us or get drinks yet but I saw her (older lady, short silver blonde hair) as I was about to get up to move and asked if it was okay, she said yes. So I get up with my remaining party and we go to sit at the new table. I can see Brent (the waiter of that area) speaking to a member of my party as I walk up and it looks like he's giving her a hard time about moving. So I walk up to them and asked what the problem was and told him the other waitress already said it was okay to move, as I'd just finish asking her. He goes on still after HEARING that explanation about how, "just in the future, once the waitress comes over you can't move and blah blah." We literally hadn't gotten any drink or even spoken to a server within the 30 seconds we were sitting at that original table. I could honestly tell (although the area was not full) that he didn't want to serve another table or serve another table full of people of color - period). After he was rude about us ordering he tried to take drink orders, when he got around to me I told him I didn't want a drink - just based off of his attitude. I like my drinks spit free. He says he can get a manager if I'd like and I told him I knew how to ask for a manager if I needed one. He comes back with the drink orders for the rest of my party and stands there for quite a while then says "what are you drinking hun?" I looked at him and said "I don't want a drink from you, I just said that." - at this point I'm not sure he's too bright. A few minutes later everyone's getting food and the manager comes over, he says "I'm the manager and my waiter says someone didn't want a drink?" I literally start to laugh with the other person I'm with and ask "am I required to get a drink?" Meaningless conversation is exchanged and he tells me "well it's okay, all you had to say is you didn't want a drink." I'm laughing out loud at this point because I expressed to the waiter TWICE I didn't want a drink. Poor excuse for a manager and a waiter. Why harass a patron who doesn't want a drink? Drinks are free and self serve all throughout the casino. I told him his trip over was unnecessary and to leave so we could enjoy the rest of the meal. I didn't speak to the waiter the rest of the evening but the people I was with were still polite, etc. Eventually we were eating and he asked my party (who got drinks) if they wanted refills, they said yes. Needless to say we never got the refills lol. There's an American, Italian, Mongolian, Asian, MTO omelettes and other sections to choose from with a bunch of options and endless deserts. The view is amazing and otherwise when we go the waiters/waitresses for the most part are pleasant. The cooks behind the counters do stare at you while you're selecting your options as if you're at the zoo, but other than that I enjoy it. I've never really had any serious problems there. Its $15 bucks and you can add on crab legs and mimosas. I will definitely go back but I would never agree to be seated in Brent's area again. I do recommend others try it.