Farmers Market Buffet Farmers Market Buffet
Restaurant @ del LAGO Resort and Casino
"manuel cocho"
So My fiancé and I love casino buffets . So we decided to try yours here in the Waterloo casino . We were very disappointed. We went on all you can eat crab night . Very expensive compared to other buffets . The crab legs were in a frozen block , and the man cooking them was rude , when they brought them to my table they were still cold , and tasted very frost bitten and old . I only ate a few because the taste was very bad . Most of the food was stale . The carving meat station looked delicious but the meat was very dry . We tried everything and nothing seemed to turn our night around . We love casino buffets . I hate to have to write such a bad review . We haven't gone back since but we may try it again later , hopefully you will have fresh hot food and better service.