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Mar 1 '18 at 4:43

MiX in Las Vegas

Ok people. If I could give 6 stars to counter balance the few recent reviews of 3 stars and 1 star I've spotted - I certainly would. First off - the comments from a few reviewers of bad or inattentive service is ludicrous. At my dining experience here, I had no less then 5 different people waiting and checking on me. They we kind, courteous, friendly, and seemed to genuinely want to know how my meal was going. Next - I ordered the 5 course tasting menu (with 4 different 1st courses - so in effect 9 different tastes!). Price of the tasting menu was $115 - extremely reasonable for a top flight restaurant. How was the food? Excellent. Every dish that was brought to the table was lovely. Lovely presentation. Lovely texture. Lovely flavor. And I didn't even get to the atmosphere. Which was also lovely. Bottom line is I'm not sure what restaurant these other reviewers were at - but I find it hard to believe they were at Rivea.