Angel's Rock Bar Angel's Rock Bar
Restaurant @ Indiana Grand Casino
"Michelle Goshien"
This place was awesome! We were in Indiana for a business conference and on my 1st visit I hit a jackpot; actually did well the whole night. They had all the latest slots and many I had never played before. The only drawback is this casino is apparently in a bad area of Indianapolis. We had trouble securing transportation from the casino at night for one thing. Then in every restroom there were receptacles for dirty needles—now I was just visiting the state so maybe they have a high percentage of folks with diabetes there but it was a little shocking to my sensibilities to say the least. There was also a couple of older ladies who were kind of stalking us throughout the casino. One of them felt they were responsible for my jackpot because she was some kind of “certified healer” with special powers. I’ve won several jackpots this year in other states though without her assistance so I wasn’t feeling that. My BF finally just paid them to leave us alone. All in all, I’d still love to go back there one day!