Bryan Brown
Choctaw Casino - Grant Choctaw Casino - Grant
Grant, Oklahoma
"Bryan Brown"
You get 4 times the spins in Louisiana then you do in any Oklahoma unregulated casino. I will be posting video on utube so people see for themselves how tight machines are in self regulated casino. Are not required to pay any money out. No fines imposed for low payout. $260.00 into machines payback was $22.00. $100.00 at Shreveport casinos have payback at least 70%. That’s .08% payback. If these machines were in Louisiana they would be fined. Oklahoma casinos regulate themselves. No state agency over watching them like in state regulated casinos where they are required by state law to payback from 75% to 85% for ever dollar taken into machines. If you don’t mind driving Louisiana and Kansas casinos are regulated by state. They will get fines imposed on them if machines don’t payback certain percentage.