Fresco Italiano
Restaurant @ Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino
"Stacie Putnam"
The food here is fine. But the service needs some work. They brought out the bread and oil which I wanted to add some salt a pepper to but the shaker on our table only had salt in it. I couldn’t find our server so I looked around and decided to trade ours with the empty table next to us. As I’m doing this, a different server asked “what are you doing beautiful”, which seemed unprofessional. When I explained why I was trading our salt only shaker with one that had both salt and pepper, he grabbed it out of my hand saying something about how it’s not supposed to be on the table and walked away with it. He brought it back saying he would “let” me keep it but that they have a pepper mill or something. The whole interaction felt like I was the one being scolded like a child and then “allowed” to keep the pepper like he was doing me a favor. And it’s a good thing he “let” me keep it because no one offered us cracked pepper, nor did I ever see a peppermill walk past us and we were right next to the kitchen.