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Jun 5 '17 at 12:03
Trudy Card
We purchased tickets to see Zztop at Rama this past Saturday night. My Brother and sister-in-law, my boyfriend & myself. I had never been to Rama before, & I was not dissapointed. What a beautiful place. From the beautiful landscaped yards, to the native displays throughout, to the intricate engineering everywhere. The concert was AMAZING...and we all will be returning. The only thing I would stress as an important tip....if you plan on dinner then a show....you better go early and eat as soon as you get there. The dinner line ups are extremely long and it can take over an hour to be seated. The food is amazing and well worth the wait, however we were late getting to the show. So definitely go EARLY (we arrived 2 hrs before our concert) if you plan on dinner before a concert.