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Apr 18 '18 at 1:10


Today was very enjoyable, had a very nice meal. It was nice to see everything that has been taking place since I was last there. I am very happy to see progress on our casino cards, our meal voucher is now put directly on our cards and the total amount does not have to be spent at one time at one place. This is a nice change. The reason I had not been there for a few months was because myself and a large number of people I had talked with weren't getting even close to our usual bonus free play and towards meals etc., it was very disheartening after we loyally came monthly mostly weekly at times and spent our money there. Many of us play slots and they seemed a lot tighter then usual. Everyone was mentioning this whenever a group got together at a function. We all felt bad because it is a casino locally that we all loved to go. It was so great to see changes for the consumer improving and the casino listening to all the concerns brought up. We are all looking forward to all changes for the better. We all agree that Soaring Eagle Casino is a beautiful place we love to spend our time at. I must also thank the casino for giving us our free play dollars every week with multiple bonus days a month now. April has 3 bonus days in case you missed it.