The Feast
Restaurant @ BlueWater Resort & Casino
"Tammy Ballinger"
It's way too expensive for what you get. A while back a friend and I went in for lunch I ordered a salad and by the time I separated the bad brown wilty lettuce from the other ingredients there wasn't much left to eat. I complained about it and was told they would give me another to go. I reluctantly took it. I called the district manager that evening and he said the next time I came in they would make it right with me. I've never even commented to them since that incidence. More recently I went in to celebrate my son's bday, we ordered the Twin Pan pizzas barbequed ham. The pizza was swimming in sauce. It was too much. But we are what we could as my son squeezed our sauce before trying to eat. No we didn't make a complaint because we don't like to complain, esp.since they seemed shorthanded. There were only 2employees working. When I went in, as I was waiting g on my guests to meet me there, I noticed a couple of tables had not yet been cleaned off. We were there over an hour and that table along with others Never got wiped off. So sad. I understand being short handed if they are used to having more than 2employees, but, someone should have taken a moment to wipe the tables. This may have been graduation day, that could have contributed. Purhaps I should have offered to help. I guess that would have been the right thing to do. Thank you