Cafe Arizona Cafe Arizona
Federal Way, Washington
It truly pains my heart to only give this restaurant three stars. I lived in Florida for a short while and this establishment was one of my very favorites. When I moved to Tucson I was sad to see that the nearest location was all the way in Phoenix, but I figured I would get there some day. Well that day came just a month or two ago. I swear my smile couldn't have been any bigger. I was so excited to be eating here again. Of course I spoke very highly of it to my fiance and my colleague who both accompanied me for lunch. The ambiance was perfect. Green everywhere! (When in the desert green can be very hard to find. Don't judge I get excited over the little things....) Nice and cold, low lighting, and seated right away as we beat the lunch rush. Our service began well enough. Waited not too long to place our order and received our drinks in an acceptable amount of time. After we put in our order it was a nightmare. That first drink I spoke of... Was the only drink we received even after asking for a refill. It took 45 minutes to get an appetizer. Before you go there.... We were one of only three tables in the whole restaurant. The waitress came to check on her other table 3 times and did not stop by ours once. A different server brought out meal and when asked for a side of ranch, never came back. We had to communicate with the hostess twice just to ask where our server was and a third time to receive a check. The only reason the rating has three stars is because, as always, the meal was fabulous! But the service was inexcusable. Two hours of driving one way and all of that hype just to be severely disappointed. It was sad.