Gretchen Wilds
Freddie's Club - Renton
Renton, Washington
"Gretchen Wilds"
Fun place. Dealers and bartenders are nice. Staff is nice but seems umhappy or working for someone mean. If you win they don’t like noise. You have to be quiet when you win here. Won’t go here again. Use to love it. food Is good. Again go if you plan to go here be very quiet and lose. I guess they don’t like winners .. taking their money. After all they are going through a remodel This is an elderly Casino Is this a home for elders? I guess they only want old people at this joint. Patrons are lame and rude or hog tables even if there are 3 open seats! If you want to have a good time don’t come here. Sure you might like it the first time because they know you are new and want your money. Keep going. Then you decide There are tons of casinos. Trust me .. stay home or go somewhere else