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Restaurant @ Harvey's Lake Tahoe
"Griselda Rodriguez"
The service was very poor and disappointing. I will not recommend this place based on poor service! I took my mother and family with me to eat dinner here (my mother was in a wheelchair) and we were told that they didn't have a table available to accommodate the wheelchair. They asked us to wait in the lounge to order a drink while we waited. After we were told to wait in the lounge area, where they serve alcohol beverages, I saw a family of 9 people walk up to the front desk and were quickly seated. They were not told to wait for a table. My family and I waited about 15 minutes and were then told (only because I had approached the front desk staff to ask how much longer we had to wait) that a table was ready for us. When we walked back to be seated, I saw that there were many tables available for us to eat at. I am not sure why were made to wait in the lounge area with an elderly person in a wheelchair, especially since I saw many tables available as we were being walked to our table and during the time we ate. I definitely felt we were treated differently! I will not recommend this place!