Frankie's Frankie's
Restaurant @ Dover Downs Hotel & Casino
"Chris Keef"
I almost backed out of my reservation - so glad that I did not. Noting that all the poor reviews were from a few years back (bad form, Google... the world is dynamic - keep the last 24 months of reviews at most) I figured that I would give the place a shot. Great call going with my gut. You should absolutely check this place out. First, if you are going to review a restaurant and a one-star review has 'Food is great, bar service is terrible'... please just stop. Go get drunk somewhere else. Reviewing the entirety of an establishment based on one exchange with a bartender?! Are you bloody serious?! Anyway, on to the review. Yes, this is a casino restaurant. You are a captive audience so many places take this reality for granted. Fortunately, Frankie's does not. The menu is extensive but not rediculous as some Italian places are want to do. The standards are all present and from my personal experience the chef would accommodate reasonable requests. The food was very fresh and had an authentic vibe. Very non-Olive Garden which is always a plus for me . Vegetables were prepared well and cooked quite nicely. A mark of a good establishment is one that pays attention to the details. It is easy to view the vegetables and sides as an 'Oh, by the way...' type of item so when a chef gets the entire meal correctly with quality presentation from top to bottom, that is the mark of a true chef. The only question mark has nothing to do with the food/drink. The outfits and decor is a bit campy. I get the theme but I honestly believe that all of that detracts from the quality of the restaurant. Overall 5-stars. Will come again.