Brian McGough
Sky Dancer Casino & Hotel Sky Dancer Casino & Hotel
Belcourt, North Dakota
"Brian McGough"
I stayed here for 21 days straight on a work assignment. I stayed in the newer side for the whole time. I got a pretty good feel for this place during that time. The Good: the air conditioning works and the beds or comfortable The Bad: Their kiosks are down slot which means they can't honor the "heroes discount" they offer. The when my neighbors would flush their toilet their business would come out my toilet, sometimes with enough speed/force to splash my while I'm brushing my teeth in the morning. When room service cleans your room they do nothing but throw the comforter back on the bed, maybe if the trash is overflowing they will take it, but if it hasn't made it into the trash can they will leave everything including dirty wash clothes and towels, only sometimes do you get replacement soap bottles. Grillerz would take nearly 30 min to cook my food when I would only order a simple sandwich or nachos and there were very few customers Grillerz would also serve me old stale meat and tell me it was my fault because i came in so late (an hour or two before they close) The steakhouse Fires Edge had equally poor service, my first experience was good to be honest. My second experience I had to ask for part of my order before I left, I didn't get checked on a single time, my food was cooked incorrectly, the staff was abrasive/challenging in asking what I do for a living. The lounge on the back side of the casino had the worst service and practically nothing to serve for drinks. The the toilets on the casino floors always had piss all over them and after going in there your shoes would be sticky, I flushed the toilet and more yellow came back up to refill it. My room key didn't work nearly every day for the first 2 weeks of my stay and the front desk told me it's because I was keeping my room key in my wallet. Overall customer service isn't a priority here, or sanitation or servicing their machines. During my stay this place seemed like it was constantly falling apart and unable to catch up on basic expectations.. I'm a pretty understanding customer having worked in food service/customer service for about 10 years, every time I spent money downstairs here was disappointing though..