Clubhouse Dining Clubhouse Dining
Restaurant @ Sanford-Orlando Kennel Club
"Paula Steele"
Perhaps Mother’s Day is not the best time to visit and have a meal. What a delight it was to be seated in a beautiful room, however the room was cold and we asked to have the air turned down. The gentleman who was our waitstaff appeared to have little to no interest in serving us. We had very long waits between ordering drinks and them being served. We tried to be patient as we waited for our meal, but the waiter and servers came in and banged tables together to set up for a group of 14. Our food slowly arrived and those served first waited a good 5 minutes before the other half of our group of 7 was served. The food was over cooked and cool to the touch. All of this poor service could be seen by the Hostess and assistants who actually asked as we walked out how our meal was...