Coffee Garden Restaurant and Buffet
Restaurant @ Red Lion Hotel and Casino
"Jeff Clemensen"
We had a higher expectation from the reviews and photos presented online. This is suppose to be a 3 Stat hotel. When we arrived the first room we were placed smelled really bad, had dried urine on the toilet seat, mystery white goo on the door, faucet, and toilet handles, mold in the shower, and had stains all over the carpet. When I called up to the front desk to request a different room the woman we spoke with was curt and seemed a bit put off by what we were requesting. Not very customer friendly. I walk down there and was given another room key with not so much as an apology from her. I asked if this room would be clean and was told that it should be. I didn’t care much for her demeanor so I asked to have the manager come down and look at the room. Ellen arrived a few moments later. Very pleasant and seem genuinely apologetic as did her Entourage. (The other night clerk and security). The new “clean room” was not much of and improvement. It also smelled bad, this time of pet urine, was not the at the clean level I would expect from this chain, and had stains on the floor as well. There was a used washcloth in the shower and the furniture and decor is really deteriorated. I feel like they should have paid us to stay here if for nothing else than to bring these issues to the attention of the management as it seems they are not aware of how bad these rooms are. We will not be returning to this run down hotel and I hope that for the sake of this small community that relies on people passing through town for income that they resolve these issues and make it a better place to stay.