Tender Tender
Restaurant @ Luxor Hotel and Casino
"Lori Lord"
After dining in several recommended restaurants in Vegas, this is at the top of my list. Located in the Luxor (which is NOT at the top of my list and truly doesn't deserve the presence of Tender), this was the BEST meal I've ever had in this town. It is not cheapest by any means but it is worth the price tag. The atmosphere, the service, the incredible food... top notch! If you in any way are adventurous and like the flavor of wild game, get the wild game sampler. The venison with the fig chutney (doesn't come as the complete entree but if it did would be my number 1 recommendation) is indescribably delicious. Get the soup trio as your starter, all fantastic but my fav is the mushroom. The old vine zinfandel is not the most expensive glass of wine but it is a beautiful compliment to the red meat dish I enjoyed so much. Put this on your must do list without hesitation.