Garden Buffet Garden Buffet
Restaurant @ South Point Hotel Casino and Spa
"Sarah K."
My husband and I dined at the Garden Buffet for lunch several days while we were vacationing in Vegas and staying at the South Point hotel. The dining area here is very large, with table or booth seating available. The prices are different for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Also, the lunch buffets are different during the week as opposed to during weekends. Weekends they have brunch buffets which are higher priced and have different options. My husband and I aren't brunch people and wish they would just have the regular lunch menu and price during the weekends as they do during the week. Also, dinner buffets are more expensive than lunch buffets. While we visited, the dinner buffet was $15 and included peel-and-eat shrimp and prime rib. My husband wasn't impressed by either and said it didn't justify the higher buffet price.They have several different areas (Italian, BBQ, Seafood, Asian, Dessert, Salad Bar, etc) to the buffet, which offers good variety. Some options are better than others. My husband tried several different foods from each station, including different types of meat, which always seemed to be fatty, and lacking any flavor. I really enjoyed the stir-fry, which was a little confusing to understand the process for ordering, but tasted great every day. However, the pizza, macaroni and cheese, and potatoes I found to have no flavor. We liked that the buffet price includes a pop, and having had a hard time finding restaurants that serve Pepsi products, I love that they offered Mountain Dew. The employees are usually pretty friendly and attentive. This buffet offers lots of options to choose from, and a large, comfortable area to sit in, but I would say the quality of the food could be improved.