The Buffet at TI
Restaurant @ Treasure Island
"Eric Tam"
What a complete disaster. The best way to sum it up is you'll pay $30 for a buffet of real bad Panda Express, Sushi from Safeway, and left over Taco Bell. Their sushi bar consist of about three varieties and it screamed "don't eat me". The Chinese food here makes Panda Express look gourmet. Their Singapore noodles was overly salty and tasted grainy from the curry powder. The Korean BBQ rib was very tough and bland. Their American style ribs and roast were very tough and dry. Their Taco station was even worse.. The only saving grace here is the fresh salad bowl they mix and their desserts that was overly sweet but better than the rest. In fact, their dessert station had better variety and appearance than the rest of their food. For $30, I was expecting a lot more ...