Wo-Zha-Wa Sports Bar & Grill Wo-Zha-Wa Sports Bar & Grill
Restaurant @ Ho-Chunk Gaming Wisconsin Dells
"star wars lego kid"
The remodel of the bingo hall is terrible. It is smaller than ever, most of the tables are for smokers, staff is rude, callers were making mistakes, the monitors are small and mounted to the ceiling. The callers can't hear and they don't have microphones to hear bingos.So even if you yell loud enough for everyone to hear you, if they aren't paying attention they call the next number. Screwed me over and the lady next to me said it happened to her last week. My friend and I are so mad. We are done with this casino. Save your money. The casino remodel is awful. You can't find an exit and card tables were stuck in a cornet