Hostile Grape
Restaurant @ M Resort
"Michelle LaJoice"
Food and drinks were fine but service was horrible. The place was slow with plenty of staff yet it took 10 minutes for us to get menus after asking twice. On top of that, the servers seemed incapable of cracking a smile and continued to provide poor service throughout the meal to the point that we had to get up and go to bar to ask for plates, set ups, etc.. The icing on the cake was that as we left, we ran into one of the servers and they commented, “the service was that bad?” as he pointed to the bill because apparently he thought the tip was too low. Frankly, I didn’t even want to leave the 10% that I did after the poor service and if I could have changed it to 0 after that comment, I would have. Here’s a tip: Tips are based on quality of service so if you find yourself recieiving a lower than expected amount, reflect on how you can improve instead of chasing after customers... I now get why it was so dead there during happy hour and will never go back. Visit with caution...