Rose & Thorn
Restaurant @ Ilani Casino Resort
"Michael Sheleman"
The Rose and Thorn offers a somewhat expensive buffet brunch option for those looking to maximize their carb intake before a day of gambling at the Illani. The food, while flavorful and tasty, was ultimately lacking in options. I like to think of it as an upscale version of the free continental breakfasts you get at some hotel chains. Service was good, with the waiter regularly checking drinks and customer satisfaction, the layout and design is beautiful, though I expect it's even better in the summer when they can roll up the plastic window curtains in the enclosed outdoor seating area, very reminiscent of Phoenix AZ style semi-outdoor eating. If the Rose & Thorn can up their buffet variety to match the cost, then it will become the perfect place to start your day, gambling away at the Ilani.