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Dec 30 '17 at 1:31

Hidden Pizza

I'm writing this review right after I received my pizza because I'm outraged by the fact that when I got it that their delivery man was completely rude to not only me, but my family. He was very unfriendly as I handed him his tip and it was only until I handed him his tip that he said something. He told me never to order delivery again from my location which he stated was 16 MILES from the location I ordered it from when in fact the closest one is 5.5 miles and the other is at a max of 8.6 miles. I am angered as he was not friendly at all and turned his back to me not saying thank you for the tip. You can rest assure that you'll never receive my business again. I hope the rest that continue to order don't get the negative experience my family and I had to endure.