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"Miss. M H"
A great place to get in character for a part in a movie. In which we have no equal rights, the hotel is the judge and jury, your presumed to be a criminal and treated so, and they legally can steal from you. Everyone beyond this, "NEW JACK CITY" compound, would be ashamed if they knew that in the 21st century places like Sportsmans discriminate against the poor by treating them all as criminals, illegally evicting some, without ever having to disclose the eviction reason. Then after defamation, having to "live behind enemy lines" and then eviction, Sportsmans legally DOES NOT RETURN PREPAID RENT. (To the poorest of people.) This is covered in the application addendum. I was not a victim of this legal robbery but instead they took advantage of my fear and, like the mafia, one of the rental cops promised me protection. But in exchange for the ultimately empty promise, I wound up in the e.r. due to excessive force trauma and treatment for STDs. As a single disabled mother I had saved and planned for months to move to a new place with public transportation and job availability to finally return TO WORK. INSTEAD I WAS TREATED LIKE A CALL GIRL OR DRUG DEALER. My only error, besides NOT being a suicide bomber, was putting up with a nosy smart mouth cop who scrutinized my 7 pieces of opened luggage on the floor. This the nosy cop saw when an *UNANNOUNCED nor PLANNED* visitor came to my door. Believing that "mafioso rental rapist" would "protect and serve" against an illegal eviction (three free weeks of tenant free money for Sportsmans) cost me: expensive 'out of state/no medicaid prescriptions, pain that literally prevented walking, emotional wounds, a lag in getting my son in school, and looking for a job. Some wounds I cant see on me or my son, whom watched me scream as I applied ice packs to my torn private area hourly. Likewise, due to the lease addendum, we almost never left my room. I stayed in pain for a week before finally walking* to the bus stop. I was unsure of which was worse: RISKING MY MONEY by leaving a "peeping tommy gunless cop" to further investigate my 'pain n the mess' and risk eviction (How did they know that clothes can damage property). OR WASTE TIME MOVING ON WITH LIFE BY SEEING A DOCTOR. She wouldnt tell me why...BUT IRREGARDLESS, THE MANAGER NEVER EXTENDED THE LEASE. When I directly asked for the eviction reason she relayed the answer like I would steal it if I knew who hid it. She said officially, young sounding and with too much hate, "We know of something". I would love to hear that third person testimony hold up in real court. But thats why they have Rental Cops.....its all about the dollar bill. TOO BAD THEY DONT REALIZE THEY ARE HURTING THEIR OWN PEOPLE. SPORTSMANS RESIDENTS: WE DONT HAVE TO USE THE COLORED BATHROOMS OR SIT ON THE BACK OF THE BUS. Its 2018!!!!!