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Apr 11 '18 at 16:22

Buffalo Grill

We went for a show and decided to do the buffet too. The show was the best I've ever seen so this isn't a review of the show or the ability for the casino to bring quality acts. First off. The casino floor must be walked to get anywhere, and smoking is allowed. So I couldn't breathe when going from point a to b, etc. Which sucks a lot. Second, the buffet is the worst I've ever been to. The only good thing about it was I did not get food poisoning... We went on prime rib and shrimp night. The lighting is very odd so that I could not tell if the cut of meat I got was well done or medium rare. The first slice I lucked out on and it was fairly good, however the next was so well done it was pasty (I thought it was a medium piece). The shrimp was small and there were only 4 choices. A horrible "Thai shrimp" it tastes like it was slathered in orange chicken sauce and hot sauce was dumped in also to make it spicy. A shrimp scampi that was in watery butter, the frozen fried butterfly shrimp, and then cold shrimp cocktail. The food selections were small and not good. They somehow made potatoes taste bad.... I don't know if I would ever recommend eating at the casino. It is beyond me how it has won any award for food. My only guess is that it is the only restaurant in 100 square miles.... Thirdly, the area that the show was in was just a very large conference room, with a stage at one end. There were maybe 4 steps leading up to the stage so it wasn't very high, you could only see above the performers knees (which there were times it was very important to see below that...) I was only sitting maybe a third of the room away from the stage also. Fourth, I don't gamble ever, but when I do I play the penny games. It was very hard to find a penny game. Most games were 50 cent minimum bets or more. Fifth, they make you give them your personal information to get a "players card" even though you only came for a show and a player's card has zero to do with what you are doing there! I now have a dumb card in my wallet forevermore.... The good part is that they didn't charge crazy prices for the show, and it was a very good show. Which I will hopefully see again, but the show is the ONLY reason the casino isn't getting 1 star.