The Koto Grill The Koto Grill
Restaurant @ Red Hawk Casino
"Doris Vassallo"
Ate at Koto Grill last weekend. Hamburgers & waters not so bad. After I paid & included a nice tip, while we were still sitting talking, someone decided to order a desert...2 deserts, 1 coffee. The waitress brought the desert ck to table. A $20 was on table ready to pay. Waitress picked up ck @ the $20 bill @ looked at our frIend & yelled out as she'd walked away with you want change? He hadn't even had time to check bill yet, but she embarrassed him enough to say keep it. That tip was over 30% of the desert amount @ she new it. I noticed she did the same to the 2 guys on table next to us. Change should be automatically brought back to customers, tip should be decided by customers not by waiters. To decide that she should keep a 30+% tip just for bringing 2 deserts @ 1 coffee to table after she'd been already given a nice tip for meal from same table is ridiculous. Most people, me included, never received a tip for serving people over 40 years working in my job which was harder than waitering. I always paid waitress a tip, but I believe the amount should not be decided @ demanded by the waitress or restaurant. It should be decided by customer according to service as a gratitude & not even the total amount of bill after tax. Service is done by taking an order & bringing out plates to table. Cost of plate should have NO bearing on tip amount. Same amount of work is done by waiter whether dish cost was $11 or $24.99. Does anyone agree with me on this? Thank you. Happy new year to all.