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"Hope Sadler"
We booked several of their meeting spaces (for our wedding) as of October 2017. We booked a year out in order to have time to communicate our hopes to the catering staff and to ease tension as wedding planning can be stressful if left until the last minute. The initial woman (Shannon) who was handling our contract was a large reason why we booked. She gave the impression of understanding our vision from food to decorating the space. Prior to our first tasting, we were informed that she had left and we would be handled by Taylor, a Sales Coordinator. Taylor was very apologetic as to the change and our frustration and upon meeting her we were put at ease. She also assured us as to use of several of their spare decorations and a discount on our catering through them-- this would've been around early November. We then were told shortly after that we would be handled by a new catering manager Sara-Lynn. We met with her and Taylor and had some anxiety about yet another change and hesitation due to her not seeming to understand our vision. Our first tasting was held in late November with Sara-Lynn and did not go well. Communication was an issue and we did not feel heard. It felt as though the chef's feelings and her's were more important than ours. We made a point of voicing our disappointment with Taylor who reassured us that we would meet with solely her or she would at least sit in on future meetings. As it was December by this point, we agreed to do the second tasting with our notes after the holidays. January 5th I reached out in hopes of scheduling and was told that January/February were not a possibility due to schedule conflicts on Taylor's part. We didn't mind since we still had so much time and agreed to schedule in March. As mine and my fiance's schedules are generally not made until two weeks prior we made it known that any Saturday would work but any week day would need to be requested off by at least one of us. March 19th we were responded to and told the time we had previously discussed (March 24th) would no longer work and to pick another date. We then suggested March 31st. We then were told April. I confirmed April 14th. Today (April 9th) I was again told something came up and that it would just be us as well as Sara-Lynn. I have attempted to reach the manager and just have been redirected to a voicemail several times and told that the desk does not disclose his email address. We have had one tasting go badly, several turnovers of staff, and too many reschedulings. I would like to use an outside caterer at this point but the contract prevents that. In all honesty, I'd cancel our contract all together if that is still possible.