Emily Watkins
Luxor Hotel and Casino Luxor Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Emily Watkins"
Upon arrival I was a little disappointed to find no bath tub in my room. The hotel itself is very pretty. The staff was very nice and welcoming and anytime you rode the elevators with someone who worked here they would say hello and have a good day all around great people. Eva! Let's talk about her! She was AMAZING she was on it as our room keeper she was being ran ragged one day and we kept meeting in the elevator and she would let me know she was getting to my room but so much was going on she didn't owe me an explanation of any kind but she gave it that day I was on my way to take a nap and we met in the elevator once again. She rode with me got my towels and trash replaces everything quickly so I could nap and she didn't disturb me! This 26 year veteran needs a raise and like a 2 week vacation! Okay now the casino part. I didn't like that every 5 feet you walked you had people wanting to give you "free" shows no they are not really free they are $149 which you get back if you come back within 18 months.... yeah no... not making that commitment... we saw the titanic exhibit and bodies both great! We also went and did the shark reef it was good.. 3 for $57 was good for those. All in all it was a good trip. What I feel my room needed wa: bathtub, refrigerator, coffee pot, cable. Those are simple amenities that any cheap best western or holiday inn would have as well