Take 2 Grill Take 2 Grill
Restaurant @ Hollywood Casino - Toledo
"Aurora Jewelry"
Went for a quick weekend trip for the Easter seafood buffet - it was wonderful. Gaming was tight, did not hear anyone cheering and was weird to see ashtrays around. But overall was a good buffet. They should have a separate line for crab legs as everyone had to wait even of just wanted something else nearby. Biggest complaint isn't with the casino really but the weird ultra dangerously filthy "hotel" across the street. Why would the owners of a hotel across the street from a nice casino have such a filthy place with NO other hotel in walking distance? It boggles the mind why casino owners have not offered to throw some renovation money as it would absolutely bring more visitors? Even on website people wrote that they would have visited if there was a decent hotel. But reviews are 1 star at best.