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May 14 '18 at 13:33

reservation was booked online, front desk had problems checking me in (it was late and i was tired), staff did not know how to process my online reservation, there for i was made to wait in Lobby until they figured out how to prcess my online Travelocity Hotel reservation (very irritating). I left cell phone charger in room, so i returned to Hotel (couple hours later, only to be told it was not there, eventhough they claim "everything" left behing by guest, is "always" turned into front desk by hotel staff (again, waited longer than necessay) only to be told it was not there. My missing charger (ot the issue), the problem is having to wait and wait and wait for staff to figure out how to do their job. Understandable and acceptable when lobby is busy; however, i was the only guest at check-in and after check-out (ridiculous). I paid (approx.) $270 for 1 night and 1 bed, my recommendation is find another place to stay so you don't leave feeling cheated, robbed and kicked in the stomach because of the HORRIBLE customer service provided or NOT provided at this place. ONLY positive experience, came from HOUSEKEEPING! They were kind, friendly and very helpful, especially at check-out.