Dallas Pilot Car
Riverwind Casino Riverwind Casino
Norman, Oklahoma
"Dallas Pilot Car"
Idk how this place has so many good reviews.. These slots are so tight. Blew $100 in no time flat. I can never win in Oklahoma. Slots are too tight and not regulated by the state. I can win on less than $30 going to casinos in any other state, but not in Oklahoma..Casino itself is spacious and has a lot of machines. Too many progressive machines and some of the regular quarter slots are so old that the reels barely turn and graphics are worn off. Only 1 Zorro machine Good luck getting on that one. .I know people have won some money here, but it is probably not very often and there is no telling how much they had to spend to win. I know slot machines generate at least 70 % of the income for moat casinos. I came on a Thursday night and it just plain sucked. It was not very crowded and there were plenty of machines free to play but, too many machines tied together. SEVERAL of the machines I tried to play, I could not get the menu to even show the the rules.. I think I have had my feel of spending my money in a Casino in Oklhaoma. It is much better in Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee than it ever has been in Oklahoma.