Blue Lagoon Blue Lagoon
Restaurant @ Norwegian Dawn
"Leandro Benetti"
This place is a big trap!! It has so many rules for so many unecessary things that it all becomes a big joke. You don’t even think they are serious about some rules and bureaucratic procedures. They try to extort you every way they can charging you for having guests over, FOB to open their doors, Parking sticker (and renewal) and others. You can’t brink guests to the gym with you, you can’t bring more than 4 people to the pool (and 3rd and 4th guests have to pay to do so) and others. So basically living here is a big experience that tests your patience on a daily basis. Say bye to your social life and say hi to paying to breathe. You can ask around. This place has a reputation and lots of lawsuits. Don’t fall for this like I did! Stay away from here!