First Last
SunRay Park & Casino SunRay Park & Casino
Farmington, New Mexico
"First Last"
We waited 45 minutes standing in line, for a table at restaurant. (No reservations accepted) We were told where our seats were, then waited and waited for a server to take any order. As we waited, we watched a table of 10 be seated next to us. We waited as their orders for drinks were taken and served. We then waited as their food orders were taken. About this time the waitress looked over and motioned she would be over after she was finished entering their orders to the kitchen. It gets worse The bill comes and we wait to pay. Another customer, tried of waiting, walks out. We wait while the staff looks for the other customer. Waitress finally comes over with point of sale device and swipes our card. The bill is for the other customer and signature is not applied. Battery on device dies. Another POS device is brought over, card is swiped a second time, this occurence is for our bill. Waitress assures us the first transaction did not go through as the battery had died. This was incorrect. An account check the following day shows a charge for my bill and the other patron. Still waiting for refund of the extra charge and a reply from resturant manager. The races were fun to watch. The free entry and access to covered grandstands, short lines at the self-service, and reasonable prices made for a nice day out with the family. The poor resturant service really put a damper on good times.