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May 8 '18 at 16:52


RIP OFF!!!!! 100% more for my drinks bc this place is franchise! I was very reluctant to write this review. Because have nearly $20k invested in Starbuck stock's. Due to my principal I want the public to know my experience. This Franchises Starbucks is HORRIBLE ! Starbuck's apps does not work here n the employees r not well trainedd to help customer pay using apps. The cost for my drinks was double here vs other Starbucks. I addressed this issuse to management. She claimed "its franchise." I'm an Attorney n will address this issue with Starbuck Corparate per the cost of my drinks being 100% more at Fanchise Starbuck. I will update my review in the appropriate time and when I get a coropondencece from Starbucks.