Minnehaha Café Minnehaha Café
Restaurant @ Mystic Lake Casino Hotel
"Paul Samuels"
It is great that there is a restaurant that is open all night, but don't get the steak and eggs. My wife and I both ordered the steak and eggs. the "strip steak" was nearly paper thin (maybe about as thick as my cell phone) . We were asked how we wanted the steaks cooked, and both said medium rare, so we were expecting them to be pink inside. The steaks came out well done, but because they are so thin, I'm not sure why they even ask people how they would like to be cooked. We both left really disappointed in our steaks. Also the server never came back to check and see if the steaks were cooked to our liking. My scrambled eggs looked like someone started making a big flat omelette, and then realized it was supposed to be scrambled eggs an the plopped some omlette eggs on the plate. My wife said her over-medium eggs and hash browns were good, and I thought the white toast was buttery and good. My wife and I both left and said we need to remember, at least, to never get the steak and eggs there again if we go back. We will more likely try and not eat there again.