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Oct 13 '17 at 19:11

The Paddock Club

This place is trash. Do you like your money and want to keep it? Well don't settle for a 2 bedroom apartment for 1100 a month but wait there is more for the small price of 1100 a month and a payment of 4.99 they will spray the outside of the apartment for bugs ( they still have roaches ) and if you pay just a little extra 8.99 you get trash services sounds good right, your wrong completely wrong this will not allow you to leave trash out side the door clear of foot traffic so your pregnant wife doesn't have to carry it down two flights of stairs. Instead you will be charged 50.00 per bag left out 🙃. And don't worry if you lock your self out of you and your children out of the apartment they will be more then happy to allow you to sleep out side, or call a lock Smith to break it. Only for you to pay money for a new lock. But if your fine with coming home from a long day at work or a 7 month deployment to find your self sleeping under a roof that leeks or waking up to find roaches in your bathroom. This is the place for you. Have a ROACH free day AMERICA