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May 13 '18 at 23:16
The host was blatantly ignorant. She made it a point to even stop right in front of my partner and give her the dirtiest look for reasons unknown. The food was terrible and the couple bites My partner and I managed to get down messed up our stomachs for the rest of that night. I spoke to a server who in turn got a "supervisor " who made it a point to ask if our plates had been sent back full. (Which was not a problem) and then she returns and says she's having the cooks check the food and says well pay for your next two meals. We explained to her we would not be returning and she went and spoke to her boss. And came back and informed us no refunds would be given and they can have someone call us to tell them about our experience. 3 days later no call. And no apology from the ignorant host!