Charlie's Cheesesteak Deli
Restaurant @ Arizona Charlie's Boulder
"Reshe Mosley"
Very poor customer service Experience with a RACIST waitress. First of all, my GRANDMA was FEEDING MONEY to the machines and she asked the waitress for WATER, not a drink, water. She rudely responded, she doesn’t carry water on her tray. She didn’t even offer to get it. During all this, I noticed her serving white customers politely. A little later, me, my grandma, and boyfriend went upstairs to play slots and possibly bingo. My boyfriend kindly asked how much are the cocktails(intending to buy it anyway) she replied “I’m not sure how much it costs, you would have to go to the bar” (she’s serving drinks from the bar BTW) she follows with a “you get drinks when you pay to play” (at the time my grandma was playing the game and my boyfriend was getting his money together) She walked away so fast before even asking what he wants or anything. Then she proceeds back to my boyfriend rudely and says “you want something “ and it only got worse. I asked for a drink after placing 5 dollars in the machine and I never got a chance to place an order. It was so obvious that we were racially profiled and treated as such. My grandma is an accomplished woman visiting from California. My boyfriend and I are new residents. This experience was so horrible, I will never go back. It felt it was 1966 in Georgia.