Michael Patrick's Brasserie Michael Patrick's Brasserie
Restaurant @ Golden Nugget - Atlantic City
"Kabrina Schweikart"
I want to first start off with the fact that it is a really cool restaurant with aesthetically speaking. The food was very reasonably priced for the area, and it was very good tasting as well. So as far as those two key things i would give it a 4 outta fives stars The thing I had the most problem with at this restaurant was the customer service, and for me that is a big problem. When at a restaurant i expect to be treated like a guest, and not an inconvenience, or like we were invisible. We had a party of 7 people and 2 of the guests arrived before the rest of us, probably by about 30-40 minutes. During that time their waiter never checked in with them, never asked if they wanted a drink or an appetizer. Eventually another member of the wait staff noticed them and got them something to drink, but it was well into the 30 minute point, and the restaurant was not busy to warrant such a delay. Our waiter seemed annoyed with us, and it was not something that was physically spoken because in fact he barely said anything to us, but it was in his body language. At the end of the meal when we asked him to split the check he said that he could not do that and he should have been made aware at the beginning of the meal. But i have been in many restaurants, and my brother manages a large restaurant, and never have I heard that it is not possible to split a check except at the beginning of the meal. If that was the case with a large groupe then you would think he would have communicated that with us in advance. I think that is the part that bothered me the most. So for customer service i give this restaurant a 1 for an over all 3 star review