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Feb 5 '18 at 15:49
The worst motel I have ever stayed in. Upon arriving I was met with attitude in a very unprofessional manner. We got into our room and I got my kids ready to head to the pool, a BIG part of why we stayed here. When we got to the pool area I noticed that the hot tub was so brown and murky you couldn't see the bottom. I notified the desk employee and was told that the hot tub won't be cleaned until the next day and won't be able to be used until a few days later. The pool was so cold my kids cried and did not want to even step in. That night I was going to give my kids a bath and not only was there barely any water pressure, there was no hot water. I notified the same desk attendant and she proceeded to tell me "I know nothing about water heaters and no-one else is complaining". I received a call to my room around 11 p.m. to my room phone while I was asleep from the desk attendant saying she was going to call maintenance to fix it. The beds are ridiculously uncomfortable. I will never stay at a days inn again.